Eastern AM Pte Ltd

Eastern AM is a group of companies that deals within 4 main sectors.

Renovations - Commercial & Residential

Cyber Tech - ERP & Cybersecurity

Logistics - Supply Chain & Logistics

Apparel - Sun Protected Golf Shirts

Over the past 3 years, we have grown from an online apparel shop to a diverse range of services. Each with its own key unique selling point and operational teams to support.

Eastern Cyber

Eastern Cyber Division is made up of tech experts in ERP systems, Digital Marketing and Cyber Security.

Our Services:

Enterprise Resource Planning

Cyber Security

e-Commerce Platform

Digital Marketing

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Eastern Logistics

Formed in 2022 during the rise of the e-commerce boom, Eastern Logistics Division has grown into supplying reefer trucks, box trucks and vans to our clients.

Consumer Based Services includes:

- House Relocation

- Office Relocation

- Equipment Relocation

- e-com deliveries 

Gran Builders

Gran Builders offers homeowners and purchasers a no frills way to renovate their premises. 

Setup in 2022, we have grown and acquired a carpentry factory in Malaysia to meet the needs of our clients.

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Luar Biasa Sun Apparels

Luar Biasa when translated means extraordinary.

Designed in Singapore

Made in India

Excellent choice for sun activities due to moisture wicking fabrics, UPF50+ Sun Protection and bright colors.

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